Very Strong Acid Hot Spring in KAWAYU


KAWAYU hot spring is located between Lake Kussharo and Lake Masyu in eastern Hokkaido. The ph value of the hot spring ranges from 1.6 to 1.9, which indicates strong acidity, but surprisingly it is not the most acid hot spring in Japan. You would find your skin is a bit stung by the water and feel more stung, even painful if you have a cut on your skin. You may also feel sanitised on your scratches. 

川湯温泉(かわゆおんせん)は、北海道屈斜路湖(ほっかいどう くっしゃろこ)と摩周湖(ましゅうこ)の間(あいだ)に位置(いち)する温泉(おんせん)です。温泉(おんせん)のphは1.6〜1.9。なんと日本一(にっぽんいち)ではないものの、物凄い(ものすごい)酸性(さんせい)です。入浴(にゅうよく)すると肌(はだ)が少し(すこし)ピリピリします。切り傷(きりきず)があるとかなりピリピリと痛い(いたい)感じ(かんじ)ですが、殺菌(さっきん)されている感じ(かんじ)がします。


There are some accommodations with hot springs, and they offer day use of hot springs as well. In the heart of the town, there is a free hot spring for feet and legs, which has a cozy and warm vibe, particularly in the snow. 



There are also some nice cafes and restaurants that you would love to go back to again and again. On top of that, the Kawayu Eco-Museum has very satisfying displays and also offers various trekking tours and other regular activities. During winters, you could rent snowshoes and other snow gear there and enjoy trekking in the snow to nearby Mt. IOU. You would be satisfied with the breathtaking scenery while doing good exercise before having hot springs. 


Although it might be handy to get there by car, you can also reach there by train.


Recommended places to go in KAWAYU  


川湯(かわゆ)エコミュージアム Kawayu Eco-Museum

森(もり)のホール Cafe

すずめ食堂(しょくどう)&バル Restaurant