Shrine Stamps; A reason for traveling

御朱印; 旅する理由

Japanese Sake, Pottery and Hot springs are just a few of the things people could enjoy while travelling across Japan. Visiting shrines and temples is also another example of such, I suppose. 


Shrine/Temple stamps are proof of your visit and also a record connecting you with a God. Shrine/Temple stamps are composed of a stamp and details hand-written with Indian ink, such as the name of the shrine/temple, the name of the God and the date of visit. 


御朱印 hakusyuさんの作品をAC写真からダウンロード

Today, it seems like a fad to collect shrine/temple stamps. But the first purpose is to go worship, and then you could receive shrine/temple stamps as proof of your visit. You may enjoy checking out the history of the shrine/temple you visited and the God. 


The collection of stamps is not the primary purpose of visiting shrines/temples. Having said that, you could definitely be pleased to receive shrine/temple stamps because some shrines/temples provide special ones with embroidery or seasonal drawings.  


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