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ORIGAMI: Impressive Paper Arts



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For Japanese people, Origami or Paper Arts is a very familiar play that they start to do even before kindergarten. According to a survey, it is said that 80% of the Japanese can make a crane from a piece of paper without any tools. 


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They would, therefore, consider it is not a special skill or worth appraising even if they can do so. On the contrary, foreign people, particularly Westerners, would get impressed, saying “You are good with your hands” or ” You are so skilful”. Other customers even took photos of the paper crane I made with a paper napkin at a restaurant. 


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Origami or paper arts is very popular even abroad today, and the Japanese word Origami has become a loan word in other languages. A piece of paper turns into a flower or animal; indeed it is appropriate to call it art. I can by no means call it a play for children. In addition, books and videos are now available, showing how to make complicated Origami, unlike the old days. Making a hedgehog looks like the hardest one among search results on YouTube.