Tasty Harvests in Fall Cause Vast Appetite!


pumpkin and chestnuts
This photo (by cheetahさん) was downloaded from the AC photo.


Autumn is the best season of harvests. In Japan, there are heaps of tasty and highly nutritious produce in autumn, such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, persimmons, pacific saury and salmon.


Particularly, the first three items are often used not only for making dishes but also sweets, which you would be desperate to eat at least once during the season due to their beautiful artistic look.

おいしそうな秋の味覚を使ったデザート Nice-looking sweets made from autumn harvests

Mont Blanc


The photo above shows cakes made from chestnuts. They look a bit different but both are called “Mont Blanc”. The name, which means a white mountain in French, came from the snow-capped mountain Mont Blanc.

This photo (by しずく8さん) was downloaded from the AC photo.


For sweet potatoes, “Yaki-imo” is very nice while “Daigaku-imo” or fried sweet potatoes coated with salty-sweet sauce are also popular. “Yaki-imo” tastes better and even sweeter when they are roasted gently in hot stones or a charcoal grill, either of which emits far-infrared radiation. Indeed, they would have a soft and fluffy texture.