Takoyaki is the snack that Osaka people are mad about!




The number of Takoyaki shops per 100,000 population in Osaka is the highest among other prefectures. There are tons of Takoyaki shops there and you wouldn’t know which one(s) you should go to. But please do binge-eating Takoyaki of your choices (well at least 2-3 shops) and find your own favourite.


It is often said that Tokyo people prefer Takoyaki with crispy outside and fluffy/creamy inside, but Osaka people tend to like fluffy and creamy both outside and inside. Well, which one would you prefer? Let’s find out.

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たこ焼きレシピ https://www.japancentre.com/en/recipes/22-takoyaki-octopus-balls

Osaka people are desperate for Takoyaki, seriously. They can’t survive without it. They genetically have to eat it. Of course, they have their favourite shops and go there regularly. In addition to it, they have to have a Takoyaki maker to make their own at home, so that they can eat Takoyaki whenever they want. They might add extra fillings like cheese or kimchi (Korean pickles) when they make Takoyaki at home.  


You should try Takoyaki that is just cooked. It tastes 100 times more delicious! But be careful not to get burnt!